Suzanne Fidler, MD, JD, is an attorney and board certified internist. She has successfully partnered with other attorneys to integrate her extensive expertise in the practice of medicine and healthcare law to assist with some of their most complex cases.  Dr. Fidler assists other attorneys in medical records review, legal research, discovery, legal writing, expert witness, depositions, court appearances, arbitration, mediation and litigation. Suzanne strategically draws upon her experience to guide attorneys in handling challenging cases and representing their clients to successful outcomes.

Suzanne Fidler's areas of expertise include:

* Representation of physicians, nurses, dentists, optometrists and other healthcare professionals

* Medical staff representative

* mediation

* arbitration


* professional contracts for physicians and other professionals

* employment contracts

* medical malpractice defense

* quality of care initiatives

* administrative law judge hearings

* licensing board matters including the medical board and dental board

* hospital administration

* the joint commission

* state and federal healthcare regulations

* litigation

* risk management

* affordable care act

* hippa

* informed consent

* organ transplant

*health plans

Please contact Suzanne A. Fidler, MD, JD at 949.631.0055 or if you are an attorney and have a challenging case. Suzanne Fidler has the expertise and experience to assist you in effectively representing your client — or use the quick contact form below:

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